AG Immigration has been featured on Yahoo and Florida Today!

Immigration attorney Felipe Alexandre, managing partner at AG Immigration, had an opinion article about the end of Title 42 published by Florida Today and Yahoo (the #1 most popular news website in America) this Thursday, May 11th.

Title 42 was a legal instrument adopted by the United States government at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, which allowed American authorities to expel immigrants at the border and prevent them from seeking asylum. As of today, Title 42 is no longer in effect in the US. It was expected that, with the end of Title 42, immigrants fleeing political and religious persecution in their home countries would finally be welcomed in America.

“The end of Title 42 presents a significant challenge for the United States as it seeks to balance political concerns with the need for economic growth and protection of our democratic values. The Biden administration must find a way to navigate these challenges while also pursuing broader immigration policy goals with Republican leaders. By working together and finding solutions, we can create a more just and humane system that reflects our values as a nation of tolerance and prosperity”, says a part of Felipe Alexandre’s article.

To read the full article, check Florida Today or Yahoo’s website.

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