AG Immigration has been featured on AR/VR Magazine’s website.

Rodrigo Costa, CEO of AG Immigration, was interviewed by AR/VR Magazine – publication that covers all things related to augmented reality, virtual reality, 360 content, sim-tech and immersive experiences.

Costa spoke about AG Immigration’s office in the metaverse, being the first immigration law firm in the world to create a space in the virtual world.

“As the metaverse expands into all industries, some are placing a higher priority on creating virtual spaces, like AG Immigration in the legal space. We caught up with firm founder and CEO Rodrigo Costa, who tells us why having an office in the metaverse is essential for a law firm and how his journey in tech + business shows why it will soon be no different than having a website”, says a excerpt of AR/VR’s text.

If you want to read the full story, just click here to access AV/VR Magazine’s website.