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Advanced Global Immigration Law Group is one of the leading US immigration law firms striving to achieve results that exceed expectations through our commitment to our clients around the world, adding maximum value to their experience and profession in order to make their American dream come true. We represent the best and brightest individuals, companies, and research institutions regarding various types of immigration petitions.

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Foreigners with extraordinary ability are those who can demonstrate extraordinary ability in science, arts, education, business or athletics and can demonstrate it through sustained national or international acclaim, and can demonstrate it through extensive documentation.



Foreigners with exceptional ability are those who can demonstrate exceptional skill in science, the arts, or business and who can demonstrate that it will substantially benefit the United States national economy, interest, or cultural, educational, or welfare.



You may be eligible for this immigrant visa preference category if you are a skilled worker, professional or other worker. Although eligibility requirements for category EB3 are less stringent than other categories, there is a long to-do list for some countries.


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Understanding how USCIS – United States Citizenship and Immigration Services judges cases is extremely important, through a rigorous control process, and our team keeps up to date during all stages and updates in each case processed.

The high rate of satisfaction of our customers above 97%, is due to the dedication of a multidisciplinary team, highly qualified and the personalized service according to the needs of each individual and family.

This satisfaction has a lot to do with not only our dedication, but also our
involvement in understanding all aspects of completing a petition, including how the USCIS expects to receive that petition.

All details in an expatriation process are important. Our team strives daily to study new laws, rules and to know the constant immigration changes.

In this way, the documents sent always seek the expected compliance by government agents, avoiding delays in the petition or possible denials.

Our main objective is to make our clients’ immigration process happen smoothly and without stress.

We are proud of the work we do. Our knowledge, experience and confidence allow us to realize your American dream.

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New rule on using public benefits for Green Card

New rule on using public benefits for Green Card

The new rule aims to make it difficult to grant permanent or temporary residence and American citizenship to immigrants who depend on state aid, for example food, housing and health (food stamps and other vouchers). The only state that will not use the new rule will...

US immigration visas

US immigration visas

This is a visa provided through employment that allows foreign workers to work without an employment permit, provided they already have an employer who has hired them to work and moves to the US permanently. That is, it is a kind of Green Card. Work visas allow you to...

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