AG IN THE NEWS: Bloomberg Law

AG Immigration has been featured on Bloomberg Law’s “Wake Up Call” daily newsletter.

Bloomberg Law is one of the most renowned publications about the legal industry. It provides unique information to legal professionals and legal business in the United States. The outlet also provides real-time news, expert analysis, practice tools such as Practical Guidance, primary and secondary sources, and Bloomberg’s renowned company and market information.

The news reported by Bloomberg mentions AG Immigration recent launch in the metaverse.

“US and Brazilian-based immigration law firm AG Immigration Group says its new office in the metaverse lets partners simulate customs and immigration interviews for clients seeking green cards in the US”, the story says.

If you want to read the full story, just click here to access Bloomberg Law’s website.

Baixe o ebook e conheça melhor a AG Immigration

Na AG, auxiliamos nossos clientes a descobrirem as muitas oportunidades de green card que existem nos EUA, especialmente para profissionais que possuem uma carreira bem-sucedida e que desejam morar e trabalhar legalmente na América, e para isso oferecemos uma consulta gratuita de suas possibilidades imigratórias.

Quer saber mais? Faça o download do e-book institucional da AG e descubra que o sonho americano é possível e bem menos complicado do que você imagina.

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