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AG Immigration is one of the leading immigration law firms in the U.S. We are located in several American cities, including Los Angeles, Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas, and Washington, besides our representatives in Brazil. 

We have highly qualified and experienced attorneys who are all certified to practice immigration law throughout the United States. Our attorneys develop a customized legal strategy for each client, and our petitions are meticulously prepared within the rigorous standards required by the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Service). 

AG’s legal team is led by Felipe Alexandre, a renowned Brazilian-American attorney who is a reference in the field of immigration law in the U.S., and for five years has been listed by the American Institute of Legal Counsel as one of the top 10 immigration attorneys in New York and, more recently, California. Knowing the background and trusting the attorney who will represent you is essential to ensure the success of your immigration petitions.

Besides the legal team, AG has an operational team made up of professionals with proven experience, who will assist you in all steps of your application, from collecting the necessary documentation, preparing your petition, sending your application to the USCIS, and monitoring the status of your application with the U.S. authorities. This is all performed with the support of a modern online customer relationship management system (CRM), an exclusive platform that allows you to interact with our team in a simple, fast and efficient way. Not surprisingly, AG was considered one of the best immigration law firms in Irvine by 

We hope you have a great experience with AG Immigration. At AG, your dream is our goal.


Felipe Alexandre perfil

Felipe Alexandre

Founding Principal Attorney
Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Haitian Creole and Mandarin

Felipe Alexandre was born in Brazil and soon moved to the United States with his family when he became an American citizen. Coming from an immigrant family, he has devoted his career on behalf of the foreign community that is trying to live legally in the United States. His experience and vast knowledge about U.S. visas make him qualified to deal with all types of immigration applications. 

Felipe Alexandre founded and manages three law firms, including AG Immigration, one of the most renowned law firms in the U.S., which emerged from the need to meet the growing demand for EB (employment-based) visas, an immigration category that provides a green card to skilled people based on their professional and academic background. 

Over the years, Felipe has held important positions, including Immigration Court Interpreter, consultant to the Monroe Public Defender’s Office in New York, and immigration law specialist, where he was in charge of teaching hundreds of attorneys how to better understand complex U.S. immigration laws. 

Felipe Alexandre is a renowned attorney and collects awards. In 2021, for the fifth year, he received the “Attorney Client Satisfaction” award from the “American Institute of Legal Counsel”, recognizing him as one of the best lawyers in the U.S. In the first four years, he was awarded as one of the Top 10 Immigration Lawyers in New York and, in 2021, in California. Also in 2021, he was elected by “Attorney and Practice Magazine” as one of California’s Top 10 Immigration Lawyers. 

He has received top ratings (10) from AVVO, an association that ranks American attorneys according to their clients’ evaluations. Felipe Alexandre was also recognized by Super Lawyers (Thomson Reuters) as setting a benchmark in the field of U.S. immigration law, an honor that belongs to only 2.5% of all attorneys in the country. He is also a member of American Immigration Lawyers Association – AILA. 

Felipe Alexandre received his law degree from Indiana University Maurer School of Law. He is licensed in New York and is certified to practice immigration law throughout the United States. 

Felipe Alexandre perfil

Rodrigo Costa

Languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish  

Rodrigo is a Business Manager, Project Manager, Consultant in Organizational Processes and Investments and, throughout his career, he has specialized in analyzing, improving and redesigning business processes in different industries, using tools and methodologies based on Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints. 

Due to his outstanding performance in large corporate projects, Rodrigo has become one of the most requested business consultants in the market, having coordinated and managed improvements and transformations in large companies such as Grupo Accor, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Cemig, Marítima Seguros, SulAmérica, Brasilprev, Eletropaulo, Bradesco, BrasilBrokers, Riachuelo and many others. 

In the last ten years he has specialized in the investment market in the United States, being the first Brazilian to disclose on the Web the best and safest ways to invest in the USA.  His vast professional experience in business, technology, and marketing, linked to a deep understanding of the American market, made Rodrigo the CEO and responsible for managing all operations of AG Immigration in Latin America. 

Rodrigo Costa holds a degree in Business Administration from FGV. 

Felipe Alexandre perfil

Alberto Lugo Royo

Senior Attorney
Languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese

Alberto is an attorney focused on Business Immigration. He has extensive experience in a wide spectrum of employment-based immigrant and non-immigrant visa categories which allows him to effectively assess the options of each client and help them to decide which is the best solution for their particular facts and needs, whether they be an individual, small business or multinational company.

Alberto has successfully argued extraordinary ability cases (O-1, EB-1A) for professionals in many fields, including artists, athletes, chefs, medical researchers, musicians and actors, among others.  He has also assisted investors in obtaining E-2 Treaty Investor visas to come to the United States and manage their companies, as well as assisted multinational companies in bringing executives and managers to the United States to oversee their operations (L-1, EB-1C).

Alberto also has extensive experience arguing EB-2 National Interest Waiver cases, having successfully obtained permanent residency for countless individuals based on their prospective professional contributions to the United States.

Outside of Business Immigration, Alberto has also assisted many families through the process of obtaining permanent residency for parents, spouses and children.

Alberto received a baccalaureate degree in history from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and received his Juris Doctor from Florida Coastal School of Law.

Felipe Alexandre perfil

Leda Oliveira 

CFO – Financial Officer
Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish

Leda Oliveira is a company administrator with extensive knowledge and experience in financial and accounting management. She worked for ten years as a Project Manager in restructuring and financial improvement, mapping and modeling of organizational processes in large companies such as SulAmerica, Eletropaulo, Riachuelo and Brasilprev, etc. being several times awarded for the results achieved. 

In the United States, Leda specializes in accounting and tax processes, in accordance to U.S. law guidelines, and since 2015 has successfully supported dozens of companies and investors to intelligently plan the internationalization, financial management and tax planning of their businesses. 

At AG Immigration Leda performs the key position of CFO (Chief Financial Officer), a strategic role for the company, in addition to coordinating the analysis, improvement and redesign of internal organizational processes.

Felipe Alexandre perfil

Glenia C. Alexandre

Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish 

Glenia is the Head of Operations of AG Immigration. She is responsible for one of AG Immigration’s most important processes. It is in the Operation that the strategy defined by the legal team is implemented through a multistakeholder team composed of attorneys, paralegals, and administrators. Besides the leading role of the operation, Glenia also coordinates the strategic HR processes and is a member of the AG Immigration board of directors where development, marketing and new business strategies are defined. 

Glenia has deep management experience being ahead of other legal firms throughout her career. 

She has been working in the immigration market since 2011, with extensive knowledge of laws and processes that govern the U.S. immigration system, including asylum cases, family immigration by professional qualification, employment immigration applications, investment, and assistance to victims of crime, and many others. 

Glenia holds a B.A. in Paralegal Studies from Kaplan University, and a B.A. in Languages from Dixie State College, St. George, UT. 

Felipe Alexandre perfil

Virginia Ferreira

Executive Administrator
Languages: Portuguese and English 

Virginia is an Executive Manager at AG. Her experience in customer service makes her the right person to manage the company’s new customers and business development department. She is also responsible for implementing improvements in administrative procedures. 

Before coming to AG, Virginia worked as a team leader in the customer services department of Bloomberg LP, NY, where she was able to improve her knowledge as well as develop and conduct different training programs for new employees. She also has experience in HR recruitment. 

Virginia has a law degree from Saint John’s University in NY, one of the best colleges in the country, with a major in Criminal Justice. 

Felipe Alexandre perfil

Tenice C. Rocha

Business/Legal Administrator
Languages: Portuguese and English 

Tenice is the Legal Administrator of AG, responsible for the visa process management team.  She works directly with the company’s attorneys, managing their schedules and all cases with tight deadlines to be met. 

She has been an immigration professional since 2014 and has extensive experience in preparing applications for many different types of visas to the United States, a deep knowledge through her participation in several training courses in the immigration area, making sure that new rules and more updated strategies are always applied in our company. 

Tenice graduated in business management from Dixie State University. 

Felipe Alexandre perfil

Milena Venceslau

Paralegal/Project Coordinator
Languages: Portuguese and English

Milena is responsible for managing the AG clients’ applications, a position she performs with deep professional knowledge due to her experience on immigrant visas, especially on EB-1 and EB-2 NIW visas.  In her career, she has won several outstanding performance awards. 

Due to the knowledge acquired in the immigration field, Milena can act in several areas, from the preparation and collection of documents for sending an immigration petition to assisting the Legal Department to solve more complex immigration law issues. 

Milena has a degree in Business Management with a major in Foreign Trade from Fundação Educacional do Município de Assis (FEMA), and she has an MBA in People Management from Fundação Eurípedes Soares da Rocha. 

Felipe Alexandre perfil


Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish 

Jerônimo has extensive experience in the corporate and immigration areas in the United States, having specialized in immigration lawsuits involving companies and multinationals in visa applications such as L-1, EB-1C and E-2. He also has knowledge and extensive experience in permanent residence visas based on career or employment, particularly EB-1A, EB-2 NIW and EB-3 visas. 

He holds a law license from Attorney Association of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (OAB/RS), since 1998, with a background in the civil, tax, family and succession, consumer, criminal, business, and sports areas.  

Jerônimo holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS). He also holds a graduate degree in Sports Law from Castelo Branco University and a graduate degree in Law from the Higher School of The Judiciary of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Ajuris).

Felipe Alexandre perfil

Yun Tang

Languages: English and Mandarin 

Yun is an experienced legal assistant with an extensive background in immigration to the United States, especially in career or employment-based immigrant visa cases – EB Visas. 

Her experience in this business has enabled Yun to translate legal documents, write reply letters to U.S. authorities, and assist AG Immigration’s legal department in evaluating potential green card applicants and other immigration benefits. 

Yun has also been an expert in marketing and social media and event organizer. She holds a degree in Ancient Chinese History and Global History from East China Normal University in Shanghai. 



Lawyer and Business Development Associate
Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and German

Ana Barbara is a lawyer and Business Development Associate at AG Immigration. With extensive experience in international transactions, having also worked in Brazil, Germany, and the United States, Ana Barbara brings with her an extensive background in foreign investment operations, mergers, and acquisitions, and business development affairs; always with a focus on helping individuals and legal entities to achieve success in their ventures. Before coming to AG, Ana Barbara worked at Embraer Executive Jets.

She is licensed in New York and is certified to practice immigration law throughout the United States.

Felipe Alexandre perfil

David Mizrahy

Business Development Associate
Languages: English and Portuguese  

David is a Business Development Associate at AG Immigration. He has extensive background experience in negotiations and team management, having served as a commercial manager for 26 years in the area of automobiles, in Premium line brands, where he received several awards for performance and quality in national and international sales.

David holds a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the Izabela Hendrix Methodist College, and a Post-Graduate Degree in Business Management from the Baptist School of Education.

Felipe Alexandre perfil

Barbara Rocha

Business Development Associate
Languages: English and Portuguese

Barbara has a large legal experience working for companies of construction machinery, agricultural equipment, heavy vehicle dealerships and freight and passenger transportation, providing support to all departments, in particular sales and aftersales. Her track record in different branches of legal practice is the perfect combination for helping clients with all kinds of needs to obtain their visas.

Barbara holds a bachelor’s degree and a postgraduate degree in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais. She is also an expert in Data Protection by Insper, in addition to having completed an extension course in Law at the University of Lisbon, where she studied International Economics, International Law and Comparative Law.

Felipe Alexandre perfil

Ocione Costa

Customer Service Manager 
Languages: Portuguese 

With more than 30 years of experience in the areas of relationship and customer service, Ocione has worked in large companies in Brazil, such as Sodexo, TIM, and Ticket Restaurante. 

During her professional career, Ocione excelled for her communication and leadership abilities, having the opportunity to coordinate several sales and customer service teams, always with successful results. These qualities and professional experience make her the right person to become AG Immigration’s Customer Service Manager. 

Ocione is in the process of completing her law degree from Newton Paiva University. 

Felipe Alexandre perfil

Isabella Caldeira

Customer Support Analyst
Languages: Portuguese and English

Isabella has spent most of her career in the real estate market, achieving wide experience in sales and customer service. Isabella works at AG as a Customer Support Analyst and before joining AG, she worked at Localiza Hertz and LAR Imóveis.

Isabella has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Universidade Pitágoras and is certified as a Real Estate Transaction Professional by Grupo Grossi. She has also participated in several Coaching and Mentoring workshops, Quality Management and Administration courses.


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