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AG Immigration has been featured on The American Lawyer’s website.

The website is published by ALM Media and brings daily news pertinent to the business of law. It’s one of the most relevant websites focused on the legal industry.

The news reports centered around AG Immigration’s new office in the metaverse. The piece was written by reporter Jessie Yount, who interviewed AG Immigration’s founding partner, Felipe Alexandre.

“We saw that remote work can work, but [people] still appreciate an in-office feel,” said founding principal attorney Felipe Alexandre. “When you’re on a big Zoom call, you can’t always see everyone in the squares [on your screen]. With the metaverse, you really feel like you’re in the same room with the other participants.”

If you want to read the full story, just click here to access The American Lawyer’s website.

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Na AG, auxiliamos nossos clientes a descobrirem as muitas oportunidades de green card que existem nos EUA, especialmente para profissionais que possuem uma carreira bem-sucedida e que desejam morar e trabalhar legalmente na América, e para isso oferecemos uma consulta gratuita de suas possibilidades imigratórias.

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