There has never been such a shortage of IT (Information Technology) professionals in the U.S. as it is today. The number of new companies, startups, and businesses related to computing and technology has resulted in a curious situation, where there are more job openings available than there are qualified people to fill them.

As with many other professions, the United States needs to call upon the talents of foreign professionals to meet the demands of the information technology market, especially those who have a successful career and higher academic background. Due to their technical knowledge and experience, it is even very common for these foreign professionals to have earnings above the market and above most American IT professionals.

While there are opportunities in almost every IT field, we have sorted out the most valued ones today and their estimated salaries. Check it out:


They are everywhere, from the internet browser to the most used mobile applications in everyday life, they were developed by software engineers. As industries around the world become more and more computerized, the demand for engineers in this field will not decrease any time soon.

Salary: A software engineering manager can earn up to 144,793 dollars (829,664 reais) per year.


The SAP ABAP developer’s responsibilities include developing code for the client’s application modules in ABAP language, providing support to the end-users through troubleshooting procedures, developing the best possible solutions to the companies’ operational needs.

Salary: A SAP ABAP developer can earn up to 139,920 dollars (801,742 reais) per year.

According to Indeed’s economists, SAP ABAP experience is among the most profitable skills to perform in an economic downturn, paying $26,065, $149,352 more than the average income level of the top ten technology jobs combined.


Computer network architects are responsible for designing and managing data communication networks for organizations. These professionals use their understanding of the organization’s business goals to develop network systems that meet them. This role is typically a senior IT position within an organization, often working alongside a team of IT specialists and communicating with management staff. The demand for computer network architects will increase further as enterprises continue to expand their use of wireless and mobile networks.

Salary: A senior computer network architect can earn up to 131,527 dollars (753,650 reais) per year.


Database engineers design and maintain databases, increase data storage capacity, and troubleshoot database functionality issues. They also review database performance and user reports. They design and maintain a database that provides relevant information to other employees in the organization. Database engineers are constantly in demand by financial services companies, healthcare companies, and other organizations that deal with large amounts of information.

Salary: A database engineer can earn up to 124,100 dollars (711,093 reais) per year.


Ruby on Rails Developers are IT experts who write, develop, test and implement new software and web applications in the Ruby on Rails framework. They can either work for web design or development companies, software companies, or marketing agencies.

Salary: A Ruby on Rails developer can earn up to 123,805 dollars (709,403 reais) per year.