AG is increasingly consolidating its position as one of the leading immigration law firms in the United States, due to the success of our clients and the constant work of our team. In order to continue growing and meeting the expectations of our clients, AG has developed strategic partnerships with companies that can help in different steps related to the expatriation process to the US, including financial planning, tax assistance, diploma revalidation, and many other services that will help our clients make the best possible professional and personal transition to the United States.


Medical Boards Study Academy

MBSA courses guide students and professionals through the entire process to fulfill the dream of a medical career abroad, preparing them for success from start to finish. The academy operates in different countries, going beyond theoretical preparation by also supporting students in the specificities of the processes, tests, and bureaucratic procedures of each place.

AG Immigration and MBSA have formed a partnership that helps foreign doctors to know the best options in green cards and immigration to the USA, besides assisting with all the issues and procedures related to the revalidation of diplomas to practice medicine in the most valued job market in the world.


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