AG Immigration has been featured in the Times of San Diego!

AG Immigration’s managing partner, Felipe Alexandre, had his article titled “Opinion: For Public Safety and Trust, California Must Pass the Immigrant Rights Act” published by the Times of San Diego on April 30.

In his article, Felipe discusses the importance of Assembly Bill 1261, also known as the Immigrant Rights Act, which aims to protect undocumented immigrants from facing repercussions for reporting certain types of crime. This bill is especially crucial, as undocumented immigrants often hesitate to report crimes due to fear of deportation or other consequences. This fear can lead to dangerous situations for both immigrants and the community at large.

“Passage of the bill is not only necessary for ensuring public safety, but also demonstrates the state’s commitment to protecting the rights of all individuals, regardless of immigration status” says Felipe in one part of the text.

At AG Immigration, we are committed to helping immigrants and their families navigate the complex immigration process. We understand the challenges and fears that many immigrants face, and we are dedicated to advocating for their rights.

To read the full article, please access the Times of San Diego’s website.

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