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For exceptional individuals.

The EB-2 visa is designed for professionals with successful and above-average careers, who can demonstrate exceptional ability in their professional fields, often through advanced academic qualifications (at least one bachelor’s degree in many cases). This visa allows a well-qualified foreign individual to obtain a green card to live and work permanently in the United States, contributing to the development of the labor market and the American economy.

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For extraordinary individuals.

Professionals with “extraordinary abilities” are those who stand out and possess broad national or international recognition in the fields of arts, education, sciences, business, or athletics. A significant advantage of the EB-1 Visa is that it does not require a job offer or employer sponsorship for the applicant, as the qualification is based solely on their merits and professional trajectory.

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For outstanding professionals.

Immigrant visa (green card) designed for qualified foreign professionals who have a full-time permanent job offer in the United States through labor certification.

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For experienced investors.

Currently, an EB-5 visa candidate must invest $900,000 in their business project in the U.S. However, this amount can decrease to $500,000 if the desired investment is made in one of the Targeted Employment Areas (TEA), which are American areas with unemployment rates above the state average and require foreign stimulus and investment to promote development and job creation in the region. Projects selected for Targeted Employment Areas are often in industries like hotels, resorts, casinos, sports stadiums, etc.

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